Hey, there, I’m Kate.

I'm a Midwestern girl, living near the shores of Lake Michigan and looking for adventure on every horizon. I blame my parents, who instilled in me at a young age the need and appreciation for travel, great food, well-crafted drinks, and solid companionship. As an international landscape, travel, and wedding photographer based out of Wisconsin, I get to work with incredible people in amazing spaces on the regular. My photography is vibrant and natural, and is influenced by all the amazing people in my life and the experiences I've shared with them. My writings are honest and based on my years working in the hospitality industry, as a restaurant photographer, traveling, and becoming a craft beer lover before I was legally able to drink it (sshh!).


My relationships with my parents are two of the most treasured interactions I have, and I owe them everything for helping shape me into the person I am. My fiancè, Andy, has given the words "true love" meaning in my life, and knows when to dream alongside me and when to give me the roots that I need. I run on chai tea and delight in being a foodie and craft beer snob. Currently pursuing my Cicerone certification, I love trying new beers and detecting the nuances and what makes beer so loveable. I’m the mom of four furballs who keep life exciting and oh-so-snuggly. I am always planning the next great adventure that will take me around the world, and I dream about places I have yet to explore. These travels and my education have shown me how beautiful our planet is, which has fueled my efforts to be more environmentally conscious. My life so far has been an amazing journey, and I am deeply appreciative to every person, place, and experience that has been a part of it.

I’m so grateful that you’re here,


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Glacier National Park Photography
Cuyahogah National Park photography
Grand Teton National Park photography




about wild klementine 


Wild Klementine was born from a multi passionate lifestyle, blending a love of travel, food, and drink. It serves as an honest, authentic voice among a sea of uncertainty. When we choose to take our precious time and spend it traveling, or exploring a new restaurant, we want to make sure we’ve chosen wisely, and that our time won’t be wasted. Wild Klementine wants to provide raw, professional recommendations while always searching for the best experiences possible.

Wild Klementine also serves the hospitality industry with an open heart and wise mind. Backed by a decade of insider experience in restaurants, bars, and breweries, as well as a childhood spent growing up in the family’s fine dining restaurant, Wild Klementine strives to elevate the food and beverage scene that we so enjoy. Approaching every situation with a loving hand and strong strategy, we’re here to breath new life into your passion and business.

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